Newborn Puppy Dumped On Roadside To, Rescuers Toil Hard To Save His Life

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Joy was just a newborn puppy when rescuers from “Howl Of A Dog” found him dying on the streets of Romania. He was mercilessly dumped in a fragile state, and his rescuers weren’t sure if he could make it.

Source: Howl Of A Dog/YouTube


Since Joy was just born, he was blind, deaf and toothless. On top of that, he was suffering from hypothermia. His caretakers would bottle feed him and stand by his side at all times to make sure he was warm and his vitals were stable.

The intense care worked like a miracle as Joy transformed into a vivacious bundle of joy within the next few weeks! As the shelter shared his story on their Facebook page, Joy started receiving an abundant inflow of love from the community!

Source: Howl Of A Dog/YouTube


For the next 4 months, people showered Joy with toys, blankets and other gifts. His favorite is a stuffed white Siberian tiger, which he always holds on to. Slowly, Joy became acquainted with the bigger dogs in the shelter and started frolicking around like a normal, healthy puppy!

Source: Howl Of A Dog


Joy’s miracle recovery attracted many adoption applications. However, it was Ellen and Ricardo, a couple from the Netherlands, who traveled a great distance to meet and adopt Joy! Joy is all grown up now. Look at him smiling in his forever home, while still holding on to his favorite plush toy!

Click the video below to watch Joy’s heartwarming journey to his perfect forever home!

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