Neighbor’s Dog Comes To Front Door When He Wants Our Pup To Come Out And Play

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You know the old saying that “Dog is man’s best friend?” Well, what if a dog needs a fellow dog as a BFF? That is the case with my Yorkie, Cooper Nash, and his best friend, Rhino, a French Bulldog.

One day while Cooper was playing under his favorite tree in his backyard at home in Nashville, a beautiful French Bulldog came over to introduce himself. They sniffed each other’s behinds and decided it was alright to play together. So play they did! Rhino matched the high energy level of our Cooper.


Their playtime must’ve left an impression because the next day, Rhino appeared on our deck at our back door and looked at me with big brown eyes. He begged me to allow Cooper to come out and play.

Cooper did go out and they ran and ran in the yard until they were exhausted. Rhino’s granddaddy, a fun-loving young man, laughed from a distance as he watched them play.

A few days later, I was surprised to see footprints on our hardwood floors. I knew they were not Cooper’s footprints because they were too large! A thought occurred to me: Had Rhino been in our home? How did that happen? Finally, Cooper’s Daddy, my husband, confessed he had let him come play with Cooper inside.

Rhino has to jump across a long deep gully to visit Cooper. After it was apparent that Rhino and Cooper were BESTIES, Rhino’s granddaddy built a bridge so that Rhino would not have to jump across the gully on his own. The Frenchie rarely barks, and if he does it’s usually to point out that he needs something. Cooper heard Rhino bark and thought he was at the front door so he ran to the front door, then he ran to the garage door. He was so confused! Cooper’s Daddy led him to the back deck door where Rhino was in our backyard! Yay! They gave each other little affectionate nose nudges and ran as fast as their legs would take them to their favorite big tree in the backyard! Running to their favorite tree reminds me of two children running to their secret playhouse.

Rhino comes to the front door to visit Cooper, just like a child asking another child to come out and play. It’s truly precious!

Cooper’s days are filled with LOTS of love from his human parents but it’s apparent that no matter what his days have in store, he always looks forward to seeing his special fur-friend from next door!

The world is much sunnier and brighter for our Cooper Nash now that he has his best friend, Rhino!

Contributed by special guest writer: Tamara Trexler, with Trexler’s Tennaissance Productions & Nashville Bound Bachelorettes Events.

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