Mom Sees Pet Squirrel Digging In Dog’s Fur With Discovery Inside Leaving Internet In Laughter

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It’s not every day you see a gray squirrel and a Bernese mountain dog cuddling together. Well, that’s typical in this house – and a friendship like theirs can come with a wide range of fascinating intricacies. One such habit is when the family’s rescued squirrel tries to bury his food in his canine buddy’s fur. Thank goodness someone in the family had their phone close and was able to capture this unusual moment on camera…


According to The Smithsonian, there are a variety of reasons why squirrels love to hide their nuts. One problem the critters face is forgetfulness. Keeping hoards of nuts safe is a tricky, time-consuming business. So, it makes sense squirrels could potentially lose track of where they’ve placed their nuts over months of preparing for winter. Moving them frequently to easily recognizable spots helps cut down on memory loss. Additionally, nut theft is a big issue in the squirrel community. Research estimates that squirrels can lose more than 25 percent of their haul to thieves, so they find creative ways to keep their collection safe, “Scientists have observed squirrels creating false caches in order to trick thieves. If squirrels are suspicious of thieves, they will also start to hide their nuts in difficult to reach places (like under bushes or in muddy areas).”


Even though this silly squirrel tries with all of its might to keep its nut safe in his fluffy friend’s fur, it won’t stay put. After several seconds of burying and burying, the squirrel finally gave up and ran out of the camera frame to hide his precious kernel elsewhere. Take a peek at this interesting dynamic in the video below. Thankfully, the pup had a heap of patience and didn’t mind his squirrelly friend trying to prepare for winter!

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