Mom Loses It As Loving Dog Holds His Baby Brother’s Tiny Hand & Won’t Let Go

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Before the birth of baby Max, 2-year-old French Bulldog-Boston Terrier mix, Hugo, was the youngest member of his family in Glasgow, Scotland. Naturally, mom Nicole Finnegan was worried how Hugo would react to the addition of a new tiny member to the family.

YouTube/Caters Clips


However, Nicole’s doubts were quelled for good when, one day, she found Hugo watching over the 5-month-old Max. In this sweet moment caught on camera, Nicole was elated when she saw Hugo reach out to grab his tiny brother’s hand with his paw, and convey his love to him!

As Hugo dotes on max and refuses to let go of his hand, mom can’t help but let out a happy squeal at the beautiful bond between her beloved babies. After this, the siblings have a series of cute encounters as Hugo makes it a habit to hold his brother’s hands to show him love and support.

YouTube/Caters Clips


As for Max, he is a gleeful toddler with his gentle protector beside him. He loves squeezing Hugo’s cheeks, and often giggles with happiness when he is around. We’re sure they’ll have the most joyous memories growing up together!

Click the video below to watch Hugo and Max have a sweet start to their lifelong bond!

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