Mom Lets Puppy Pick Her New Sister At Shelter, Puppy Ends Up Choosing A Kitten

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One of Christina’s lifelong dreams was to be a loving parent to both a dog and a cat, and raise them together. When her Tamaskan puppy, Raven, was a few weeks old, she decided to give her dream a go.



Even though Christina wanted to be a cat-parent, she knew in her heart that it was Raven who would be spending most of her time with her new sibling. So, she took Raven to a shelter, and asked her to pick out a new sibling for herself.

Little Raven observed various animals at the shelter, and to Mom’s pleasant surprise, she chose a tiny kitten! The kitten, who was about 8-weeks-old, locked eyes with Raven, and at the very first glance, Raven and Woodhouse seemed meant to be!

Facebook/Raven and Woodhouse


Just minutes after being brought home, the pair started playing together. Within the stretch of a year, Raven and Woodhouse have become inseparable friends, who play and cuddle together, and always look out for one another.



Christina’s Instagram is dedicated to her two adorable fur babies. The pictures of their soothing friendship is winning the hearts of thousands of people around the world! We hope they create many more happy memories together!

Click the video below to watch Raven and Woodhouse playing and cuddling adorably!

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