Mom Asked Who Made The Mess. The Dog’s “Answer” Has Internet In Laughter

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Dogs are the most loyal animal species on earth, or so we thought. They might be willing to do anything for their owners, showing their appreciation, defending out safety, and sticking by our side through the happy and the sad. But what about the pups with siblings, like these three dogs? In this hilarious video, Maggie’s two brothers form a pact with each other and leave Maggie to suffer the consequences. Just like human sibling relationships, there is some healthy competition, and a little ganging-up on each other from time to time.

This dog mom is used to it. That’s why at the moment she comes home to a mess on the floor, she doesn’t bother to track the evidence of who did it. She goes straight to the sources. Watch the video, and you will see that one simple question reveals the cold, hard truth. No question remains concerning who was the culprit. The question is whether Maggie could have gotten away with it had her brothers not ratted her out.

If these pups’ reaction isn’t enough to make you smile, wait until the end when Maggie confronts her own guilt. This mom held it together while she filmed the scene, but you have to wonder if she had a good laugh herself afterwards. This is a guilty dog moment that you will truly enjoy! Watch the cute antics of Maggie, Murphy, and Cody below.

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