Milliseconds Before Disaster, A Hero Dog Leapt Into Action And Averted A Tragedy

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If you have a family with multiple fur babies, sometimes things can get a little chaotic (similar to how life can be with human children). Keeping tabs on everyone during a busy day can be difficult!

It’s easy to lose track of where every pup is, especially when a pack is outside playing…and sometimes, that can end in tragedy.

Source: Jukin / YouTube

In Canada, a group of dogs and their owners were playing fetch in a slushy driveway when disaster was narrowly avoided.

Amidst the chaos of the games being played, a tiny Chihuahua wandered out into the driveway.

Source: Jukin / YouTube

The pup walked behind a vehicle that was in reverse (unbeknownst to one of his owners in the car) — it would only take seconds for this poor dog to be killed.

Thankfully, a hero was there to save the day!

Source: Jukin / YouTube

The Chihuahua’s furry brother, a large Border Collie, leapt into action when he saw what was about to happen.

The heroic pup dashed out into the driveway and rescued his brother from being crushed by the car, as the dog was too small to be seen in the rear view mirrors.

Source: Jukin / YouTube

The Border Collie showed such an intelligent and caring nature, it’s difficult to believe he’s just a dog! The way he saw the danger and helped another dog in need is truly miraculous.

Source: Jukin / YouTube

After the incident, the owner got out of the car, squatted down on the ground, and thanked her heroic pup. Given that she couldn’t see everything that had transpired, she thought she might have hit one of the dogs.

This brilliant pooch could give Lassie a run for her money! Without his help, the day would have ended in tragedy. Good boy!

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