Military Dog Sa.crifices His Own Life To Save The Army Rangers He Loved

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Military working dogs do everything from finding bombs and drugs to protecting their handlers and troops. Some dogs serve their country with the ultimate sacrifice– their lives.

Maiko is a dog that was assigned to the United States Army 75th Ranger Regiment’s 2nd Battalion in Afghanistan. While executing a raid on Al-Qaida militants in the Nimruz Province, the dog and Sgt. Leandro Lasso were both killed in the firefight.

Source: @usawtfmJ1/Twitter

On Twitter, an update from @usawtfmJ1, read, “Along with SGT Jasso, MPC Maiko was killed in action on 24 November 2018 in Afghanistan. His actions saved the life of his handler and other Rangers. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.”

Maiko was just seven years old when he was killed, according to Stars and Stripes. They report the dog was leading Rangers into a compound at which time a militant fired at him, thus revealing the shooter’s position. Rangers were able to target the area thanks to Maiko.

The dog not only saved the life of his handler but of the other Rangers involved in the clearance of the area.

Source: @usawtfmJ1/Twitter

Maiko served six tours in Afghanistan and took part in over 50 Ranger-led raids. On the Stars and Stripes website, it is noted that Maiko worked with five Ranger handlers over his career and “was remembered for his “rock solid consistency” and forgiving nature.”

We salute all working dogs who give so bravely to their troops.

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