His Master Beat Him For Peeing Inside, Brain-Damaged Dog Deemed Unworthy

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All animals deserve to live a blissful life. As their guardians, it is our job to protect them and provide for them. It is never our place to harm them. When we adopt a pet, we are giving our word, an unspoken promise to cherish them always. Our relationship then becomes a life-long commitment no matter what happens, to ensure that they are happy.

Source: Rumble

If a dog misbehaves, he should be handled in a fair way. Dogs are like kids. They need boundaries. No bad behavior deserves harsh punishment, nearly guidance. When a dog, named Baxter, made innocent mistakes in his home, his human did the unthinkable. He beat him.

Source: Rumble

Baxter wasn’t properly housebroken– a common issue with domestic animals. All this needs is special attention, more training. Instead, Baxter was beaten so badly that his survival was questionable. The Nebraska Humane Society took him in, hoping they could give him a chance at life.

Source: Rumble

Baxter fought. His rescuers fought along side him. Baxter thankfully pulled through, but he had permanent brain damage. He couldn’t walk upright nor hold his head up properly. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t worth saving or deserving of a wonderful forever home.

Source: Rumble

His rescuers worked with him to get him back on his feet. Although Baxter will walk crooked for the rest of his life, he is straight up happy. He’s being loved and cared for by people who deserve him!

Source: Rumble

A little girl asked if he would walk straight again in heaven. Maybe he will, but right now he’s enjoying his own little piece of heaven right here, on Earth.

What an inspiring little pup! Watch Baxter’s story in the video below!

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