Man Waits In Line To Surrender His Dog, The Volunteers See The Man’s Face And Are Horrified

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Surrendering a pet should be a painful experience, full of emotion and heartache. There are many valid reasons pet owners are forced give up a pet. Even if we don’t agree with them. There could be significant health issues or financial hardships that force a family to give their dog up so he can find a better life elsewhere. Yet, with this specific case, shelter volunteers knew surrendering this dog wasn’t a painful experience. The owner was certainly emotional but not the way you’d expect.

Gordo, a two-year-old pup, was handed over to the Miami-Dade Animal Care Shelter by his owner. The fear in the dog’s eyes and the elation on his owner’s face had to be memorialized by the shelter, knowing it would be hard to believe if you hadn’t seen it for yourself. The shelter then shared the photo with the world.

While it is heartbreaking to know that a dog owner was actually HAPPY AND SMILING while giving up his pet, we are provided with some level of solace knowing that Gordo will never have to be around that horrible individual ever again. If this man can behave like this in public, imagine what he was like behind closed doors!

Dogs are a gift. In fact, some may argue they are better than humans (including me!) Anyone who doesn’t have the decency to treat their dog well, should be punished. We are just glad that Gordo will no longer have to live with such cruelty.

UPDATE: Gordo has been adopted! Peace out, Mean Owner. Hello, Happy Life!

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