Man Tries To A.bduct 10-Year-Old Girl, Doesn’t Realize Her Dog Is Watching Her Back

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A little 10-year-old girl was just walking her dog in the afternoon on Heather Glen Court in Woodbridge, Virginia and almost became the victim of a s.cary k.idnapping.

A large man suddenly approached her and brutally grabbed her arm.

According to the authorities, the man had every intention of kidnapping the little girl.

Luckily, the girl’s dog loyally defended his owner with fierceness and bravery.

The dog immediately bit the kidnapper, which was enough for the criminal to try and run away.

He escaped the scene and police are still looking for the suspect.

The girl and her dog can’t be identified because of privacy concerns, but it’s safe to say that this brave four-footer prevented a horrible abduction. The Prince William County Police Department has praised the heroic actions of the dog.

After the police were notified, several police officers showed up and searched the nearby area with K-9 units. Unfortunately, they were unable to find the criminal. The investigation is still ongoing and the suspect remains at large. A press release was given on the Police Department’s Facebook page.

“At approximately 3:50 pm, the victim, a 10-year-old girl, was reportedly walking her dog in the 1800 block of Heather Glenn Ct in Woodbridge when an unknown man approached her and grabbed her arm. During the encounter, the victim’s dog bit the suspect who then released her and fled on foot. A police K-9 checked the area. The suspect was not located. The victim was not injured. The investigation continues.

Suspect Lookout:

Hispanic male, unknown age, 5’3″, 145lbs with a thin build, short brown hair and a goatee. Last seen wearing a white striped shirt and light colored long pants.”

It’s not uncommon for dogs to be extremely protective towards their owners, especially when they can’t defend themselves such as children. Anyone who is a potential threat and is noticeably aggressive towards their owner will almost certainly receive a hostile reaction of the dog.

It’s not extremely surprising that this 10-year-old’s pup stepped in, but his actions remain absolutely heroic nonetheless.

Child abductions by strangers are becoming rarer in the United States, as it’s estimated that only 1% of missing children are a victim of these scary encounters. However, authorities say that child abductions by strangers are incredibly dangerous and have a high likelihood of a fatal outcome.

Luckily, this dog prevented that by stepping in and defending his owner. A true four-legged hero!

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