Man Sells Car And Gives Up Job To Save His Beloved Dog

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How far would you go to save your dog? Randy Etter went to extreme lengths to get his pet the surgery she needed.

When Randy’s dog, Gemini, started to lose weight, Randy was worried.

He’d had Gemini for years. Up until recently, it had been a struggle to stop Gemini from gaining weight.

At first, Randy tried to not panic about it. Perhaps Gemini had a cold or something, he thought.

But day after day, Gemini was barely eating.

Then the dog went from 95 lbs to 80lbs.

Randy started really worrying about his best friend. He put a big bowl of the dog’s favorite food out in front of her. But the dog only sniffed at the food and ate a tiny amount.

Randy knew that Gemini needed to go to the vet. But Randy was already struggling financially.

He hoped that over the next few days Gemini would get better.

The days passed, and Gemini kept on losing weight. Soon he was 70 lbs. At last, Randy took Gemini to the vet.

The vet did a scan on Gemini’s stomach. A plastic bottle top was lodged in her stomach.

It was causing an intestinal blockage. Gemini must have swallowed it in the street a few weeks ago.

Randy asked if anything could be done to save Gemini. The vet had bad news.

The dog would die within a few days if she didn’t get surgery immediately. And the price of the surgery was incredibly expensive at $3,000.

Randy cried and explained that he couldn’t afford that much. The vet only suggested that Randy go to another clinic where it might be cheaper.

And so Randy took Gemini to another vet, and then another vet, and then another vet. The price of the surgery kept on increasing with every visit.

Gemini seemed to understand what was happening and started to whine sadly.

Randy looked down at the dog. He felt guilty about leaving it so late to go to the vet. But what could he do?

Gemini put her paw up to Randy. Randy held it back.

Right there, Randy told himself that he would raise the money to save Gemini, no matter what.

The only thing of any value that Randy had was a car. So he put it online, offering it for $1,000 less than it was worth.

Shortly after posting the car online, Randy got a call. He got excited. Someone was going to buy his car!

But then he looked at the caller ID. It was Randy’s boss. Randy answered the phone. Randy’s boss said that he couldn’t keep Randy on the staff any longer. He had warned Randy to ignore the dog and come in to work numerous times over the last few days. This was it. Randy was fired.

Randy was devastated. His heart started thumping. He was going to lose everything.

How could he keep Gemini alive when he didn’t even have a source of income anymore?

But then he got a message on Facebook. It was from a charity called Street Outreach Animal Response (SOAR).

The message said that people had been sharing Randy’s social media posts about Gemini all over Facebook.

It had even made the news in Asia, Africa and Europe!

SOAR had set up a fund for Gemini, and it had gained over $3,000.

The charity had also located the best vet in the local area.

Randy thanked SOAR and all of the donors online and rushed to the vet.

Gemini was barely conscious anymore. The dog needed help right away.

The vet got on with the procedure. He was able to remove a sock, plastic pieces and a baby bottle from Gemini’s intestines.

Gemini got through the operation with no complications.

Randy waited to see if his dog would wake up. Slowly, Gemini came back into consciousness.

Randy ran up to Gemini and hugged her.

Over the next few days, Gemini made a full recovery. She started eating and became as healthy as always.

Randy was able to find a new job in no time.

All he had to do was say that he was the guy on the news who had saved his dog, and a company hired him!

Now Randy and Gemini have a better life than ever!


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