A Man Sees Stray Dog Carrying A Bowl Of Food And Decides To Follow Her

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A lot of times when you see a stray dog, you’re only catching a fleeting snapshot of their everyday existence. You might see them huddled in an alley or entrance to a building, begging for food on the streets, or tearing after a squirrel, but rarely do you get to see what goes on behind the scenes for these homeless dogs.

One animal rescuer named Yusuf Kılıçsarı got to do just that when he noticed a stray dog quickly trotting up the street while he was driving his car one afternoon.

At first, Yusuf didn’t know what the stray dog was up to but he decided to pull out his phone to record a quick video of the dog running up the road. Then as he crept closer, keeping pace with the dog, he realized she had a bowl full of food precariously balanced in her mouth!

From the look on her face, it was clear that this particular stray was on a mission and she wasn’t about to let anything distract her!

The sweet dog continues her brisk jaunt down to the end of the road and Yusuf keeps on following her.

As she goes to cross the street, though, she is nearly torn from the road by a car turning right into her path!

Fortunately, the driver had caught a glimpse of the determined dog right in the nick of time and was able to veer away and just miss her before coming to a stop.

While this near-disaster would have been enough to rattle most dogs, it didn’t even seem to register with the one that Yusuf was following, she was so focused on her task at hand.

Growing ever more curious about just where this dog was taking her food, the perplexed driver couldn’t help but continue to follow in her footsteps. Then, finally, after following the stray through a series of junkyard cars and gravel pits, Yusuf understood why the dog was so determined to get the food back to her destination.

After meandering throughout the junkyard for several minutes, at this point on foot, Yusuf rounded the corner hot on the dog’s trail and was met with the most heartwarming scene he had ever witnessed.

This stray dog wasn’t all alone, after all. She had a whole litter of puppies, and they were hungry!

The mom had been carrying the food all that long way, not spilling a single piece of it, so that she could feed her four rambunctious pups! Glad he had thought to record the whole ordeal, Yusuf suddenly understood that even though he didn’t know why he was recording at the time, it was fated for him to capture this precious moment!

The sweet stray dog mama plops herself down in the grass not far from the pups as they’re chowing down in the video, no doubt pleased with herself for a job well done, and probably a bit exhausted, too.

The hungry puppies were beyond grateful to get their big bowl full of crunchies from their devoted dog mama!

One puppy was so excited to see his mom bring back the great big bowl of food that he couldn’t even focus on grubbing out with his siblings. Instead, he runs over to his mama and starts licking her face and rubbing on her, making sure to give her as much loves as possible!

While we don’t know if the stray dog and her litter of pups were surrendered to a shelter or not, we do know one thing; there is nothing this dog won’t do to be able to keep her babies happy and healthy.

To see the precious moment that Yusuf was able to capture between a mother and her young puppies, watch the video below.

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