Man Jumps Shirtless Into Frozen Lake To Save Senior Stranded Dogs

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Some people are unsung heroes, and Timofey Yuriev is one of them. The brave man in Yonkers, New York never hesitated when he came upon two stranded dogs who fell through a frozen lake into frigid waters.

As he and his dog were out for a walk at the O’Hara Nature Center, he saw two older dogs crossing the lake atop the ice. He watched as the ice broke and the dogs fell in.

Source: ABC7

Yuriev knew that help would not get there in time to save the elderly dogs, so he did what came naturally: he jumped into the lake without his shirt on. His loyal dog followed right behind him.

Growing up in Kazakhstan, his grandfather taught him how to swim in ice in Siberia when he was just seven years old.

Source: ABC7

“When I did the breathing technique everything felt nice,” he told ABC7 News. “I felt a bit light-headed and I went for the second dog.”

Although he found the second dog to be more of a challenge because he had to break through more ice, both dogs, along with Yuriev and his pooch made it back to shore.

The owner of the two dogs that fell through lives near the lake, and his pups managed to escape from the yard.

Source: ABC7

Thank goodness this good Samaritan was in the right place at the right time to help. Witness the heroic rescue in the video below.

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