Man Holds “Found A Dog” Sign For Two Days, Finally Finds Owner Of The Lost Dog

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When Jason Gasparik, a shipping employee from Charlotte, found a Brown Labrador named Roxy wandering on the streets, he instantly knew he had to help her. He took her in, and walked around looking for her owner, but with no luck.

Facebook/Jason Gasparik


Jason extensively used social media and pet advertisements to help Roxy. Then, he took Roxy to the vet and found that she was microchipped. But, the chip information led them to a breeder, who was unable to give any information.

Reaching all dead ends, Jason decided to make a “Do you know this lost dog?” sign, and stand in the streets with Roxy. For two days, Jason relentlessly stood at the street corner, hoping for someone would come looking for Roxy.



By then, Jason’s selfless act and social media endeavors had gained quite a following. Soon, a man named Ed came forward as Roxy’s owner. Ed is partially immobilized due to a back injury, which had foiled his efforts to go out on the streets to find Roxy.



Ed came to know about Roxy through another woman, who had been following Jason’s mass-drive to get Roxy home. Roxy, who is actually called Indy, was overjoyed to see Ed again, and she hugged him tight. Thank you, Jason! Your act of kindness has uplifted our spirits today!

Click the video below to watch Jason’s earnest struggle to find a lost pooch’s home!

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