Man Finds Sick Dog While Hiking – A Month Later, Decides He Can’t Live Without Her

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Matthew Glatz, from Portland, Maine, decided to spend his winter in a truck camper, traveling across the country with a pit stop in Loveland, Colorado for some skiing.

But during his stop in Colorado, he stumbled upon something (or someone) very unexpected. While he was hiking on a trail, he spotted a dog who was wandering around by herself.

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She was very scared and malnourished, so he took her in and brought her to Colorado State University’s vet lab to be examined. From there, she went to the Larimer County Humane Society.

Upon examination, they found a non-healing wound on her face that had porcupine quills in it. Unfortunately, she was also positive for heartworm, but was immediately put on antibiotics.

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The dog, now named Amelia, spent the next month being treated and recovering.

In the meantime, they scanned for a microchip and wound up finding Amelia’s owner, but they had moved and couldn’t take her.

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Once Amelia was ready for adoption, the humane society called Glatz who didn’t even hesitate to adopt her. He drove 1,100 miles from California to Loveland to reunite with the pup he saved.

“We’re about to start an adventure together,” Glatz told Amelia when he saw her again.

ABC 7 Denver

And what an amazing adventure it will be!

If it weren’t for Glatz, Amelia probably wouldn’t be alive today, so it’s only right that they get to stick together!

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