Man Dumps Mama Dog But Sells Her Puppies Online, Now Rescuers Try Reuniting Them

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The man who dropped an emaciated Pit Bull named Noelle at a shelter claimed that she was a stray dog. The workers weren’t quite sold on his story, but nevertheless, they took her in. Noelle looked abused and depressed and seemed to be crying over something.

Source: K9 Crusaders/Facebook


The workers were quick to notice her mammary glands full of milk. Something had happened to her newborn babies, and they had to find out what. The shelter staff picked the online route and tried to do some sleuthing through various channels.

Within a few hours, they found a picture of Noelle and her 9 puppies online. It was an advertisement that claimed the puppies were orphans and up for sale. The seller was none other than the man who had dropped Noelle at the shelter!

Source: K9 Crusaders/Facebook


One of the puppies was already sold. The workers wasted no time and purchased the rest of her puppies from the owner online without revealing their identities. Their only goal was to get Noelle’s babies back to her!

Source: K9 Crusaders/Facebook


In this video, we see Noelle’s anxious face as she pines for her babies. As the workers bring in her 8 puppies, Noelle breaks down in tears of relief in a touching reunion. With further unflinching efforts, the rescuers even found happy forever homes for Noelle and each of her puppies. What a sweet ending!

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Click the video below to watch Noelle’s emotional reunion with her puppies!

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