Man that d.ragged dog by the n.eck on his scooter is about to pay the ultimate price

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59-year-old Mario Cardona of Mission, Texas, has been arrested and charged with animal c.ruelty after he was caught on camera d.ragging his dog by the n.eck behind his motorized scooter.

The video of the cruel incident has been posted to Facebook by Melissa Janelle Torres, who started filming as soon as she witnessed it so the police would have video evidence.

Melissa Janelle Torres

Torres warns Cardona in the video that she’ll call the cops on him, but he replies back with expletives and then says “Call ‘em! It’s my dog!”

Torres immediately notified police, who arrested Cardona 15 hours later.

Mission Police via KVEO

The DA’s office has charged him with two class A misdemeanors related to “failing to provide care and recklessly transporting or confining the animal by dragging the defenseless dog from his motorized scooter.” He may face one year in jail and a fine up to $4,000 if convicted.

Thankfully, the German Shepherd mix named G2 is in custody of the city’s Animal Control department and is unharmed and doing well.

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