Man On Cruise Was Docked On An Island, Then A D.ying Dog Came Running Toward Him

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A man named David Foster was on a river cruise that docked on an island in Brazil for a BBQ. The island is formed when the Amazon River drops, so it is basically a deserted island with nothing around.

Foster looked across the water and saw something moving. As he got closer, he realized it was a stray dog who had been abandoned there to die.


“When she came running down the beach and all I could see was this skeletal form, there was absolutely no way I was going to step away from this moment and not help this poor dog,” Foster told The Dodo.

The severely emaciated dog, who he named Negrita, was so ecstatic to finally see people. Despite her condition, all she did was wag her tail and stick around the people. They fed her food from their ship, which she quickly gobbled up. It’s unknown how long she had been on that island for, alone and without food, but she was believed to have been left there.


Foster brought her on the boat to bring her to safety, but other passengers weren’t as set on rescuing her as he was. Once Foster was asleep, other passengers dropped Negrita back off the ship. Once Foster awoke and realized Negrita was gone, he told the captain and insisted that they go back for her.


Negrita was waiting for them at the shore, hoping they would come back for her. While Negrita was gone, Foster realized how much he cared for this dog and knew that he didn’t just want to rescue her, he wanted to give her a home.

David Foster via GoFundMe

He brought her to one of the main cities on the river and found someone there who spoke English. The woman agreed to take care of Negrita until Foster could bring her back to Ireland with him.


Five months later, Negrita flew to Ireland to be reunited with her new dad! Negrita was completely transformed, and Foster could not even believe that it was the same dog he saved from the island.

David Foster via GoFundMe

Negrita is finally healthy and happy and is living the best life ever in her new home! If it weren’t for Foster, Negrita would have died on that island.

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