Man adopts a senior dog-Then one day on their walk the dog just stops and looks up at him

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The famous singer and songwriter, Cat Stevens, now known as Yusaf/Cat Stevens released the song “I Love My Dog” back in 1967. Recently, he teamed up with PETA to re-release the hit with a new video that has a beautiful lesson in it.

A man decides it’s time to adopt a dog. He comes home with a bed, a food dish, and a leash. He then goes to the shelter and doesn’t adopt a puppy. He chooses a senior dog, knowing they are the hardest to place.

The man and his dog develop a beautiful relationship.  He teaches him manners and his dog teaches him how awesome it is to be loved by man’s best friend.

They develop a bond that transcends words.  The kind of bond you develop with family. Then, one day while on a walk, his dog stops and looks up at him. That look… his dad knows something isn’t right…

Then, sadly, the man learns from the veterinarian that his dog is not doing so well.

Heartbroken, the man comes home to an empty house. He sees his dog’s bed, now empty. He sees his food dish, now empty. His world feels incredibly… empty. Then, as fate would have it, the man sorts through his mail and comes across a flyer for a local dog shelter. It hits him. His dog wouldn’t want him to be lonely, pining away for him. He would want him to bring another dog home, to give another shelter dog the love he gave to him. The message is beautiful, the song is beautiful, and Stevens’ sentiments are beautiful!

Nearly half of the 6 million cats and dogs in shelters are euthanized every year. Make a difference. Adopt, don’t shop! Share this message. Make your voice count!

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