Man adopts dog 24 hours before he would’ve been euthanized, then the dog saves his life.

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One serendipitous encounter that took place at a local shelter changed the lives of Buddy and Richard forever and made them best friends for life.

When we recall how Buddy was supposed to be euthanized the following day is just a reminder that God really works in mysterious ways. Luckily, Richard visited the shelter and saw sweet Buddy, who was truly excited because a human entered the place. Richard learned it was going to be the last day of Buddy’s life on Earth, but decided to adopt him and change his fate.

This story gets even more miraculous. One day, as these two friends were goofing around, Buddy seemed to be concerned because of a sore his owner had on his head. He would often touch it with his tiny paw and bark without stopping. Richard decided to trust his little Buddy and made an appointment with the doctor. It turned out the sore was form of a skin cancer. He underwent a surgery that went well. Buddy saved Richard’s life in return.

The impact Buddy has on Richard’s life is tremendous. Being a Vietnam veteran, Richard suffered from PTSD, but being around Buddy made him more friendly and outgoing. After welcoming the dog into his life, he was able to make friends and socialize.

Buddy’s amazing ability to positively affect people’s life turned him into a service dog. He not only helps and alerts his owner with his sugar intake, since Richard is a diabetic too, but spends time at nursing homes and around terminally ill patients. This way he makes their final days more fun.

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