Loyal Dog Follows Little Girl’s Every Word, Has Her Back When Intruder Approaches

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Protection Dogs Plus of New Hampshire believes in training dogs in a way that builds them up and doesn’t oppress them by being trained too hard. They say your dog should be a loving pet and capable of defending you all at once, and it’s what they set out to do with German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois breeds, two of the best dogs for protection.

“Guard dogs are generally left out in someone’s backyard or commercial facility- they’re NOT trained to be family-friendly companions,” says Protection Dogs Plus owner and head trainer Khaled Behisy.

Khaled believes so strongly in what they do that he trusts his five-year-old daughter, Lyla, around the dogs.

“The protection dogs trained by Protection Dogs Plus provide the best of both worlds: secure personal protection from a loving pet. From our family to yours, we’re devoted to training the most reliable protection dogs while creating your perfect family companion.”

In the demonstration video below, a dog named Arko follows every word and command of the little girl. And when it comes time to defend her, he does exactly that. Khaled comes in as the “intruder,” and they wait for the girl to say the words.

The dog is so obedient and loving yet knows exactly when and how to protect his little human sibling. The video has amassed millions of views as people are just amazed at the results.

Many people have commented wanting the same for their families. And Protection Dogs Plus stands behind their work.

“Our training is designed to build each dog up; we want a happy confident dog, not an oppressed dog that has been trained too hard,” Protection Dogs Plus says. “We promise that your dog will not only be a joy to own, but will also prevent dangerous incidents from happening to your family, and may even save a life.”

h/t Animal Channel

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