Lost dog followed every woman on the street in desperate hope to find its mom

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If ever we got lost in a busy supermarket as kids, our parents tell us to either stay in the same place so they can look for us or we could ask a security officer to take you to the announcement counter and let your parents know where you are.

Well this pup had gotten lost and could not find his way back to his owner. Rain or shine, he decided to do something pretty ingenious by following every woman he sees on the street.

This poor dog had wandered away from his home and gotten lost in a small city in South Korea. It missed its mom so much and tried desperately to retrace its steps but could not find its way back home. He then walked the streets and soon started following every woman he saw in hopes that one of them was his owner.

Chunjang was stranded for four months and followed many women in that time but none of them was his owner. Some of the women and some residents tried to help Chunjang but whenever they got close to him, he would run away.

The pup started to become paranoid after being alone for all that time but the residents offered him food from time to time in hopes of gaining his trust.

The residents then contacted a popular animal rescue TV show called Kritter Klub for help and they agreed to help find Chunjang’s owner and reunite the two.

They caught Chunjang who was at first terrified but after some time, he realized these people were only trying to help him and had no intention of hurting him. They took him for a checkup to ensure that he was healthy.

Miraculously they found an identification number tattooed on his skin and that was their lead to getting him back home. They ran the number and found out where Chunjang’s last owner lived.

The Kritter Klub then drove out to the address listed and learned that that person was not the pup’s owner after all. He explained that he’d given Chunjang to a friend when he was a puppy and that was who he lived with.

He called his friend and she immediately rushed over! The crew showed her a video of Chunjang in the vet and she became so overwhelmed she teared up.

After his checkup, the crew brought Chunjang to the man’s house. He saw his first owner but was cautious of him as he didn’t recognize the man. The pup then saw his mom and immediately ran towards her with his tail wagging furiously.

They were incredibly happy to be finally together again after months of searching for his owner.

Watch the video here:

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