Lonesome Dog Fully Transforms After Being Unchained From His Back Yard Prison Cell

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As time passes, more people realize that having “outside dogs” chained to a very small space isn’t humane. In fact, it’s downright cruel.

But there are still those in this world that think it’s acceptable to treat a dog in such a way.

This lonely 3-year-old dog named Peanut spent his life chained to the ground in a rural Pennsylvania yard.  He didn’t have companionship, cuddles, or stimulation. The only thing he had was a cold, wooden hutch and a patch of mud on the ground.

A kind woman by the name of Russelline Steinbuhler heard about Peanut through a group called HOPE.

HOPE is a non-profit organization that works with local pet owners to help improve the lives of their animals, even if that means helping re-home them. They don’t want to see dogs chained up outside, year-round.

Russelline had a personal connection with HOPE, which is how she heard about Peanut’s living conditions.

Her daughter volunteered with the organization and knew that they consistently got calls about Peanut. Unfortunately, his home was about an hour away and no one wanted to make the commitment to visit him.

This kind woman, though, was different.

Russelline hopped in the car and traveled over an hour to visit Peanut and his owners; soon, she established a friendly relationship with them.

The owners let her come visit him on their property; Russelline played with Peanut, trained him, and even upgraded his home to make him a little bit happier.

Together, Hope for Erie Animal Wellness and Russelline worked to provide Peanut with a dog house, new bowls, a new light-weight tether, and a comfortable collar.

It didn’t take long, but Peanut began to transform. He wagged his tail, was full of energy, and even began to smile!

Then, something miraculous happened. The owners agreed that Peanut would have a much improved life if he could get off of the chain and be welcomed into a home.

The family gave up Peanut to HOPE, who gave him the pampering he desperately needed!

Peanut’s inner puppy began to show after he was given a bath, treats, and play-time.

Then, he did something he wasn’t able to do for years: run in a yard, completely free of any chain!

In the video below, you’ll see pure joy shining through Peanut’s face. He finally knows freedom and precious love, something he was missing for far too long.

Dogs are precious creatures that deserve freedom, not being jailed alone in a back yard.

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