Little Dog Goes Bezerk When 180-lb BFF Gets Stuck, Rescuers Struggle To Save Him

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A tiny Daschund with a BIG protective streak was recently hailed a hero. The little dog, named Razor, spends his days doing everything with his MUCH bigger BFF, a Saint Bernard named Jazzy.

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One day, Jazzy got curious. He wandered off to a nearby property while his dad was at work. There was a large ditch filled with mud and water. His curiosity got the best of him and he fell in. After struggling for some time, Razor heard him and came running, frantically.

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Razor may weigh, at most, 12 lbs, so he definitely needed assistance. He ran around barking, trying to get help. When his barks alone didn’t work, he went and fetched the neighbors. Barking like a nut, the neighbors felt they should follow the little dog to see what the commotion was all about.

He led them to Jazzy. Stuck in the ditch. Unable to save himself. That’s when the neighbors called for emergency help.

Heroes arrived on the scene with several ropes and a backboard. They knew rescuing the large heavy dog, covered in mud, would be complicated. So they went to work.

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Thankfully, Jazzy was pulled out safely. He was filthy and tired but okay. Razor was at the rescue site, watching protectively the entire time!

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Let this be a lesson: Dogs, like children, need supervision. They rely on us to keep them safe. This could’ve ended tragically, but luckily it didn’t. Jazzy is on the mend and Razor is thrilled that his best friend is home safe. Watch the dramatic rescue in the video below!

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