Leaked Footage Shows Doggy Day Care Owner Partaking In Appalling Animal A.buse

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Leaving your beloved fur babies with a stranger during the day or while on holiday is a common practice…but it can be more dangerous than most people realize.

Recently, at Playcare Pets in Grand Junction, Colorado, an alleged case of animal a.buse was filmed.

The footage is truly shocking; the video shows the owner, Stacy Erdman, chasing after a dog, yelling at him, and striking him repeatedly.

Source: NBC 11 News

In the footage, you can hear the woman screaming”You don’t bite other puppies. Idiot!” as she uses a rubber tube to strike the dog, the pillow, and the ground.

Colorado Department of Agriculture is investigating the incident after it was reported by Sasha Ross, a dog groomer that is familiar with Stacy and Playcare Pets.

Source: NBC 11 News

The groomer used to run her business out of the same facility and claimed to have seen similar acts of animal a.buse in the past.

Source: NBC 11 News

Sasha also claimed that the other employees at the day care center would neglect the dogs, leaving them unattended in tubs, kennels, and on grooming tables.

Source: NBC 11 News

The owner of the doggy day care center in the footage responded to NBC 11 News, stating that she “was swinging a ‘bendable plastic tube’ near him because he had just attacked another dog, but claims she never made contact.”

It’s difficult to tell whether or not she was actually striking the dog, but it’s clear that her behavior frightened the pup she was yelling at (as well as the rest of the pack in day care). The level of aggressive negative re-enforcement she displayed isn’t appropriate, especially for an alleged professional.

When leaving your furry family members in the care of others, make sure the caretakers are responsible, have a good track record, and allow you to check in on your fur babies while they are being watched. Nothing would be more shocking than discovering your pets have been suffering a.buse while you’re gone throughout the day.

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