Lazy Collie Busted For Cheating On The Treadmill

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People that have enough willpower to regularly go to the gym every week or even every day are truly admirable. Finding that kind of motivation seems almost impossible for the rest of us.

However, if we are being honest, we all cheat on our workouts every now and then! This adorable canine found a sneaky way to expend half the energy during his workout, hoping that his master won’t even notice!

We feel with this sweet collie because all of us have been having a hard time being motivated in the gym at some point. You won’t believe how this clever collie tries to cheat on the treadmill! Watch his hilarious response when his owner catches him in the act of cheating and calls on him!

When this dog got on the treadmill to exercise, he figured out how to “cheat” without being noticed. Unfortunately, he gets busted every time he cheats and has to go full-speed on the treadmill.

Seeing this pooch pretend to be exercising tells us that dogs can be clever when it comes to skipping exercises and burning calories. Seems like this fluffy pup has found the perfect solution to working out at the gym without getting tired and sweaty.

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