Largest Dog Market In South Korea Is Finally Shut Down For Good, Dogs Freed

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The Humane Society International has been working endlessly for many years to put an end to as many dog meat farms as possible in South Korea and the surrounding areas.

While they’ve been very successful, they have just achieved their greatest feats yet!


An agreement has been reached between vendors and local authorities to shut down Gupo Market in Busan, which is one of the largest dog meat markets in South Korea.

HSI Korea and HSI’s local partners have been standing by the authorities and are ready to rescue any dogs possible during the closure. This shut down means that more than 80 dogs are now freed.


The Gupo Dog Meat Market has been in operation for 60 years, but this agreement will force them to close 19 stores in the market that sell dog meat before July 12.

“In order to escape the stigma of animal a.buse, the district office will create a pleasant environment by creating animal-friendly streets in the future,” Buk District Mayor Jeong Myeong-hui said.


This is the first time in the country that a complete shutdown of a dog meat market has taken place.

“This major victory not only means an end to dog meat at Gupo, but it’s shining evidence of the strong tide turning against the dog meat trade in South Korea!” HSI wrote on Facebook.

Watch raw footage of the rescue in the video below:

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