Kindhearted Bus Driver Sees Freezing Stray Pup And Pulls Over To Let Him on

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The official start to winter is right around the corner, which means in many places it has already begun snowing, and if not, they have at least experienced freezing weather.

Cold weather isn’t so bad when you can bundle up with a warm jacket and scarf, but it could be fatal for the stray animals who are stuck on the streets with nowhere warm to go.

©Adorable puppies via youtube/Stergiee

But one stray pup was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time when a bus driver spotted him and pulled over. The freezing dog made his way onto the warm bus, and the driver welcomed him on with open arms.

The driver initially thought the dog was with an owner, but then realized he was all alone. The lonely pup walked down the bus aisle and hopped up onto a seat. Then he sat there just like a human, relaxing and gazing out the window while enjoying the warmth.

©Adorable puppies via youtube/Stergiee

The bus driver took a video of the pup and posted it on social media. In it, he explained that he’d let the dog sleep on the bus since he was far from where he got on and he didn’t want the dog to get lost.

It looks like both the bus driver and the dog made a new friend!

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