Junkyard Dog Chained To Car With Heavy Lock, Couldn’t Move More Than A Few Feet

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Life for this dog wasn’t much of an adventure. He didn’t have happy days. He didn’t have affection. He spent 24/7 tied up– with a heavy metal chain and lock– to a car bumper. He was surrounded by his own waste. He was so filthy that his white fur looked grey and didn’t even have proper veterinary care.

Source: Itssummerparker/Instagram

But Frankie’s story was just beginning…

Source: Itssummerparker/Instagram

A rescue group was contacted about a dog living in a junkyard that wasn’t being treated properly. When rescuers came to see him, he wagged his tail happily. Frankie didn’t hold grudges even though he was treated so poorly. The rescuers gave him chicken to eat and you can see he is starving. It’s obvious he wasn’t just neglected. It went beyond that.

Finally, Frankie was taken from the property once the owner surrendered him. The owner claimed that he was meant to protect the junkyard and that is why he lived outside, but how could he protect anything if he was chained up? It makes no sense!

But now, Frankie is free! When his chain comes off, you can tell it’s the best feeling in the world!

Source: Itssummerparker/Instagram

As Frankie’s new life changes, and the video goes on, the sweet Pit Bull is now in the hands of people who care. He gets to play to his heart’s content. He gets to run. He gets all the proper food and interaction. The change is immense and you can see that he understands what he’s been given.

Source: Itssummerparker/Instagram

The beautiful boy says “Thank you!” with hugs and kisses. He’s such a happy boy!

Frankie then makes a new friend! Then another. Wow, Frankie loves other dogs and people. How amazing is that?! Frankie doesn’t hold a grudge towards anyone. He is a happy, sweet dog despite all he’s been through!

Source: Itssummerparker/Instagram

Stories, like Frankie’s, give us all hope. He will go on to live in a beautiful forever home with a loving family. No more junkyard, no more mean days. No more living in filth. Frankie has a second chance!

Click the video below to watch Frankie’s story!

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