Inseparable Senior Dogs Left Homeless After Owner D.ied – Refuse To Be Apart

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Pee Wee and Zachary are a bonded pair of senior Chihuahuas who are without a home after their owner passed away.

These two have shared a life together for the past eight years and are completely inseparable.

Adoption First Animal Rescue/Facebook

After their human died, they ended up in a crowded shelter, which is no place to be for a senior dog. Luckily, Adoption First Animal Rescue came to the rescue and took them under their wing.

As soon as the rescue picked them up, they could tell that these two belonged together and needed to find a home that would adopt both of them. They refused to separate them for any reason.

Adoption First Animal Rescue/Facebook

When separated, they are constantly looking for one another. While Pee Wee is shy and needs time to warm up to people, Zachary is much more sociable. They balance each other out perfectly!

Since these two are a match made in Heaven, the rescue thought it would be the perfect opportunity to give them their own wedding photoshoot where they donned a wedding dress and little tux.

Adoption First Animal Rescue/Facebook

They also hoped the adorable photos would help them find a loving forever home.

Luckily, the rescue has received quite a few applications for this dynamic duo, that they will be carefully going through. They will make sure these seniors go to the perfect home…TOGETHER!

Adoption First Animal Rescue/Facebook

Click here to follow updates on the rescue’s Facebook page.

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