Impatient dog takes the buffalo’s rope to usher him home and stop him from getting distracted

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There are hundreds of varying breeds of dogs and many of these breeds excel at different things ranging from guarding property, herding cattle to even helping the authorities catch criminals.

Even domestic and easygoing family dogs can be trained to help out around the house like fetch the newspaper from the front yard. Many farm owners have dogs to oversee the other animals and protect them from potential threats.

This Labrador dog, in particular, was trained to keep an eye on his buffalo friend and lead him back home when they had finished their jobs in the fields.

The buffalo which was pulling a cart behind him was distracted and frequently stopped by the roadside to graze on the patches of grass.

His furry canine friend was not having any of it and barked at it. It even tugged on the buffalo’s rope to lead him back home before it’s too dark.

Finally, the buffalo gave up trying to feast on the scrumptious vegetation and followed the pup’s lead all the way back to the farm. The furry canine looked satisfied and triumphant when the buffalo finally followed him.

The owner of the dog said that he did not deliberately teach his Labrador to herd his cattle home. It may be that this clever dog has been observing his actions and learned from there. Passerbys find this scene amusing because they have never seen a dog tug a buffalo from the rope before.

From then on, the owner deliberately let his dog take the big buffalo out for his meals. After the meal, the dog is responsible to bring the big buffalo back.

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