I’ll never forget the look on his face when his dog pulled this out of the lake

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While visiting a lake in Saltillo, Mississippi, dog owner Patty Aguirre let her golden retriever Rani off the leash so she could go play. As golden retrievers are wont to do, the dog immediately dashed off toward the water eager to get out there and play (or hunt). Within a matter of moments, Rani dove under the surface of the water and then started swimming back to shore.

Patty was scratching her head when she saw Rani swimming back to her. She never quit swimming so soon. Why was she heading back already? Patty had no idea. She’d only just gotten there and let Rani off the leash. Only when she reached the shore did she realize that Rani had a pretty good reason for coming back so soon.

In the video, which Patty took once she realized what was happening, you can see Rani using her jaws to catch a massive catfish from the Mississippi waters. The dog stood motionless among a school of fish before lashing out and grabbing one between her jaws and dragging it quickly out of the water to the land to weaken the animal.

Although the catfish splashed about and tried to get free from Rani’s jaws, there was no hope for its escape. Rani’s teeth were clamped down like a vice and were not going to let go of the catfish until she was good and ready.

That moment came when Rani reached the grass along the shore. She released the catfish from between her teeth and watched, with curiosity, as the water animal flopped around trying to get back to the water. The catfish was desperate and terrified after Rani had sunk her teeth into it and the fish wanted to go back and join the other catfish where it was relatively safe.

Eventually, the catfish makes it back into the lake. And Rani followed. She wanted to watch the fish reunited with the others.

Patty admits that this is not the first time Rani has dragged back such treasures from the depths of Mississippi water. She has shared other videos of Rani fishing for catfish online. Also, the dog has scooped up some pond turtles.

When Patty shared another similar video last month, she wrote:

“Watch dozens of huge catfish surround Rani. She stands so still watching them.”

The video has since gone viral. Many people are impressed with Rani’s ability to hunt for catfish. When Patty’s clip made it to Daily Mail, dozens of people shared their reaction to it in the comments. Here are some of the most popular ones:

“Oops. I thought you said cat. Didn’t hear fish. Just heard cat. Honest.”

“Interesting how just before she catches the fish you can see them all curiously approaching her.”

“That’s a happy dog! The fish telling of its otherworldly alien encounter.”

“Nice catch, doggy!”

It is fun to take dogs out into nature and let them live their best life. Do you have a fun story to share about time with your dog while outdoors?

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