They Ignores Horse’s Cries, Make Him Pull Tourists In The Sun Till He Passes Out

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Animal activist Julie Marie Cappello recently shared a video of a carriage horse collapsed from extreme heat and exhaustion in Charleston, South Carolina. This happened after the horse was drained from carrying a heavy load of passengers in a huge carriage.

Source: WCBD NEWS 2/YouTube


Concerned people were literally in tears as they noticed the unconscious horse and rushed to help him. Some petted the horse while others tried to free the poor creature from the carriage. It was clear that the horse needed to be taken to a cool place as soon as possible.

This video went viral and created an outrage among the animal lovers. People demanded answers from the carriage company about their inhumane approach towards the horses. The carriage company however remained apathetic and simply stated that they will get an approval from the vet before letting the horse back to work.

Source: WCBD NEWS 2/YouTube


On top of that, the carriage company has sued horse advocates for causing an environment of hostility around the company on the basis of an age-old federal law that stops people from interfering with the inner-workings of animal enterprises. We hope people reconsider using horse-based rides in the extreme heat. That’s the least we can do for our helpless friends.

Click the video below to watch how the heartbroken locals tried to help the fallen horse.

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