Husky Sees Kitten About To, Cuddles With Her All Night To Keep Her Alive

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Lilo the Siberian Husky loves fostering abandoned or orphaned kittens. She has a strong motherly instinct, which she dedicatedly uses to raise down-on-luck kittens until they find their forever homes.

Source: lilothehusky/Instagram


When Lilo met a sicky rescue kitten named Rosie, the kitty’s lethargic and unresponsive state got her worried. While Lilo is always loving with her fosters, she surprised everybody by going to great lengths to save Rosie’s life.

In this video, we see Lilo just after the newborn Rosie was brought in. Lilo knows things don’t look good for Rosie, so she pulls Rosie in and cuddles with her extensively all night. Rosie soon gets her spark of life back, and she comfortably nests herself in Lilo’s arms and falls asleep.

Source: lilothehusky/Instagram


Thanks to Lilo’s full on mommy-mode, Rosie survived the night. After this, there was no looking back for this pair. Lilo spends all of her time being a cautious parent to Rosie, who is growing up to be a confident and loving lady just like her mom. Lilo will never have babies of her own, but it seems as if she was born to be the nicest cat-mama ever!

Click the video below to watch how Lilo saved the dying Rosie by single-mindedly nursing her all night!

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