Husky calls 4 brothers to ‘sing’ together, which causes the owner to get ‘headache’

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Husky looks handsome and possessive. Anyone that has ever owned a Husky will know that Husky is a very funny dog and they does not like to hear the owner’s sayings and always disobey. Raising a Husky in the house is noisy enough but if you feed a lot of Husky, what will happen?

A few days ago, Fluff Squad shared an interesting clip. At first, only one Husky howled in the house. Feeling bored, he called another four Husky dogs (no one can understand how the owner can get the courage to raise 5 Huskies) They sang together and look at the owner’s face like a joke.

When the owner saw a Husky inspired to sing, “Oh, let him sing!”, he said. Unfortunately, the Husky felt lonely when singing alone, so he called his teammate to sing together.

Husky indeed heard his brother demand and immediately sang the song together “Howling”. Although their voice was too hard to hear, only Husky owner feel this “great enjoyment”!

On the left side, there was a Husky who did not participate in the concert because he was sleeping well. Luckily, he is sleeping otherwise also involved, no one can imagine the result.

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