Hunter Snaps Heartwarming Photos Of Missing Dog And Wild Deer

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Life changed in a heartbeat for dog owners Rachel Howatt and Clinton Subbick of Manitou, Manitoba, Canada. The couple’s two-year-old female Husky dog, Koda, went missing from their home.

After three days, the dog wandered back, unaware of the massive search and Facebook pleas to find her. This is where the story gets weird.

Source: Facebook/Rachel Howatt

Evidence of what Koda did during her ‘time away’ surfaced on a hunting camera owned by Garry Suderman, a local hunter. The man told CTV News, “Will I ever get pictures like that again in my lifetime? Nope. That is definitely the weirdest thing I’ve seen before.”

Koda made best friends with a deer, and the two hung around, played together, and even napped side by side. At one point, the deer and dog devotion goes to an all-time high, as the two are captured going nose to nose.

Source: Facebook/Rachel Howatt

The photos are making their rounds on social media, as folks cannot believe the unlikely bond between dog and deer. Though Suderman first thought the dog was sizing the deer up as prey, Koda proved him wrong.

Source: Facebook/Rachel Howatt

See for yourself in the video below. Thank goodness the dog is back home safe and sound, too!

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