His Humans Ask Him To Speak But They Got More Than They Bargained For

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Charlie is a very good dog. He’s so good that he wants to teach his family a new language so they can communicate on a daily basis. His new language is called “The Blah’s” and it’s a total riot! Whether you think your dog can actually communicate with you or not, this video is proof that dogs do understand us. They love to make us smile and laugh, and there’s little they wouldn’t do to turn our bad days around.

Is it possible that Charlie is sending us a message? Like: “You all talk too much about nonsense and this is what you sound like!” ? Oh my, can you imagine? Whatever the case is, Charlie has a case of the Blah’s and it’s friggin hilarious!

This video is reminiscent of the grownups in the Peanut’s cartoons where all the Peanut kids hear “wah-wah-wah” over and over instead of actual English. Maybe it’s kind of what Charlie hears out of us, over and over and he just had to point that out.

All I can say is Charlie’s Blah’s cured my case of the Blahs and made me LOVE dogs even more! If that were even possible!

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