Humane Society Is Looking For Volunteers To Snuggle Shelter Puppies

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Attention readers: snuggling puppies is an actual job. And the Humane Society in Tampa Bay is hiring!

In an effort to look out for their lonely residents, they’re offering this unique job.

Jeff Honig is one of the people living this sought-after life. He’s a retired deputy and it’s definitely a lot different from his previous job. He has four cats at home, but he loves dogs, too. With his job as a dog snuggler, he gets his canine fix.

Not only is it a calming and loving experience for the dogs, but Honig says he gets a lot of it, too.

The shelter greatly appreciates him as well. You’d think they’d just be flooded with offers… I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend their spare time cozying up to puppies and dogs? But, as strange as it may seem, the shelter isn’t always able to find enough snuggle pals for their animals. Bizarre, right?

Student volunteers are a good source of snuggles, but when school isn’t in session, it can become much more difficult to find people. Then once winter settles in, students become more entrenched in school work and don’t have as much time to help out.

The shelter really needs volunteers to love on their pups during this time of year. The dogs that require the most attention and love are ones that have just gone through surgery. It can be a really confusing and scary time for them.

These types of opportunities seem like something many of us would love to do, so let’s raise awareness about them. There are so many dogs in the world looking for homes, and if we can’t rescue all of them ourselves, we can at least take some time to show them some love and cuddle them. And thanks to the people at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, it’s possible to do some good, help animals, and feel good about ourselves in the process!

To learn more about what this Florida Humane Society is doing, check out the video below.

Keep doing great things, Humane Society!

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