Human Moves Into New House And Builds A Cozy Room Just For His Dog

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A dog named Hennessy is feeling super loved– all because his dad took the time to build something very special JUST FOR HIM!

David Maceo and his wife bought their first home together. Like many homeowners, they had a laundry list of things they wanted to do to make their new home special. They picked out paint colors, new furniture, window coverings– but the one project Maceo couldn’t wait to get started on was something we certainly don’t see every day.

Prior to moving into their own home, David, his wife, and his dog all lived crammed into a small room in his wife’s mother’s house. He felt bad for Hennessy and knew once they moved into their own house, he wanted to be sure he had plenty of space just for him.

Once they moved in, David thought long and hard. What would be the perfect place for his pup? Then, it dawned on him!

The staircase might have enough space beneath it to build a cozy, dog-sized bedroom. David got a camera and after drilling a hole beneath the staircase, he snaked it through to make sure the cavity was big enough. And it was!

David began working on it on his weekends off. He wanted Hennessy’s space to look as if he had always belonged there, like a special part of the house.

Once David got the carpentry out of the way, he began adding family photos. “There are pictures of him and his brother; he passed a year ago,” David told The Dodo. “On the other side, there’s a picture of him and a picture of me and my wife. There’s another picture of my father and mother.”

After so many hours of work, this labor of love was complete. David was a bit nervous that Hennessy wouldn’t like his new room but once his bed was placed inside with some dog treats, Hennessy laid down and didn’t move an inch for nearly a half-hour!


Since the unveiling, Hennessy spends most of his downtime in his new room. He feels safe under the stairs. The room is a big hit! All the hard work certainly paid off!

For David, all the hard work was totally worth it. His dog is family and family deserves to feel safe and loved, especially in their new home!

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