Hotel Offers “Canine Room Service” So Weary Travelers Can Snuggle A Pup

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Traveling is stressful for the best of us, especially those who must leave our beloved pups at home.

The folks behind the Nikko Hotel in San Francisco have come up with a brilliant solution for their dog-loving guests.

His name is Buster Posey and he is available for “canine room service” should weary travelers find themselves in need of some puppy love.

Guests are greeted by adorable stuffed Busters perched atop their pillows where other hotels might place chocolates or mints. An attached note invites travelers to dial the operator and request a visit from their “Chief Canine Officer”.

Buster’s website profile reads:

“From the moment I was born, I knew I was destined for a career in hospitality, as my whole heart wants to help everyone around me. Thankfully, the lovely folks at Hotel Nikko adopted me into their family and now I get to spend time with guests doing what I love – making people smile!”

Hotel Nikko also welcomes canine guests 60 pounds or less to stay at their state-of-the art facility. Pup patrons are treated to plush doggie beds, fun toys, portable food bowls, a Nikko leash, and plenty of treats during their stay on the VIP (Very Important Pet) floor.

When it comes time to do their business, furry guests can find relief on San Francisco’s only rooftop grass dog run and newly renovated patio area.


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