Homeless Puppy Is Overcome With Joy When A Jogger Approaches Him On The Street

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One man went for a jog every single day and followed the same route. Each day, he passed by the same trees, the same houses, and the same roads.

But during this jog, he saw something that made his normal jog unlike any he’s ever went on before. In the fields on the side of the road, he spotted a tiny white puppy. It’s unknown whether this pup was a stray or was abandoned, but the jogger suspects that someone dumped him there.


Usually, strays are timid and run when people approach them, due to the simple fact that they are afraid and also haven’t been socialized with humans. But this puppy’s reaction was much different.


As soon as the jogger approached him, he went absolutely ballistic – in a good way, of course. He was so happy and relieved that someone had finally taken notice of him. He was wiggling his tiny, starving body all over the place and wagged his tail a mile a minute. He even let out little high-pitched barks because he was so overcome with joy.


The adorable pup kept lying on his back, asking for belly rubs. The jogger gave him what he wanted and then picked him up and jogged home with him. As soon as he got home, he gave him food and water and called his local animal rescue, where the puppy would be medically examined.


Thankfully, he was given a clean bill of health and found his forever home shortly after! Fate helped these two cross paths (literally) and we are so glad that this pup is now safe and off the streets!

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