Homeless Man Sleeps All Night Outside Animal Shelter, Begs Them To Help Find His Dog

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When workers at the DeKalb County Animal Services found a man sleeping outside their office, they assumed it was another homeless man looking for a place to sleep. They woke him up, only to learn that there was a lot more to the story.

The man was indeed homeless, but he wasn’t looking for a place to sleep. He was sleeping there because his dog had gone missing. He was waiting for the office to open, so he could seek their help in finding his best friend.



He had spent whatever little money he had to take the bus to the office. He had pinned all his hopes on them. The workers checked and learned that their team had indeed picked up the dog, but she had been transferred to their other building on the other side of town.

The workers saw the genuine sadness on the man’s face, and pitched in for his train ride across town so he could be reunited with his best friend. When he reached the other building, the workers there brought out the dog, now named Tata, and she leapt into the arms of her dad!

Facebook/Tracy Hunton Thompson


Even though the workers had already gotten attached to Tata, they were delighted to see the joy these two brought to one another. Clearly, they made up for their lack of material possessions with all their love!

The workers waived all fees for the pair and even offered them future help if needed. The DeKalb County Animal Services has also started a program to help the local homeless population who have companion animals.

We are so happy to see the duo reunited and wish them all the love and luck in the world!

Click the video below to see their tearful reunion.

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