Homeless Dog Reunites With Long Lost Brother, Finds The Perfect Happy Ending

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One Sunday morning, the Texarkana Police Department received a call reporting them of a “vicious” Pit Bull lurking around. Officer Travis Frost was assigned to respond to this scary-dog situation, but he was in for a pleasant surprise.

Facebook/Texarkana Texas Police Department


Officer Travis arrived at the address to find the Pit Bull resting on the porch of the house. Before approaching him cautiously, Travis had left the patrol car door open to allow him to escape in case of an attack.

But that was hardly necessary! The moment Travis whistled at him, he was shocked to see the dog running to him with his tail wagging. He petted the dog for a while, and then the dog jumped right into the front seat of the car, eager to go for a ride in a police car!

Facebook/Texarkana Texas Police Department


Travis had a happy ride with the dog, who had a very calm temperament. The other officers at Texarkana PD were floored by this amiable dog so they decided to share his story on their Facebook page and fight against the ill-notions about a Pit Bull’s aggressive nature.

Facebook/Texarkana Texas Police Department


It was discovered that the micro-chipped dog was called Gold. Next morning, his owner picked him up from the local Animal Care & Adoption Center, and thankfully, Gold is happily back home. Such a relief!

Click the video below to watch Gold and Officer Travis hanging out together!

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