Hockey Star Murray Chooses His Dogs To Be His Groomsmen, And They Don’t Disappoint

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Ice Hockey star Matt Murray recently eloped with his longtime fiancée Christina Sirignano in a ceremony graced by his Newfoundland groomsmen – Beckham and Leo. In a post shared on Instagram, the newlyweds are seen happily posing with Beckham and Leo in an enchanting forest backdrop.

Source: beckhamandleothenewfs/Instagram


Matt, who serves as the Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender and is a two-time Stanley Cup champion, shared their wedding photo on the dogs’ official Instagram page with the cute caption “When Mom and Dad elope and you get to be the groomsmen”. Naturally, Matt’s fans have been gushing over this unique summer wedding.

Big boys Beckham and Leo usually prefer truck rides to wedding ceremonies, but they were all smiles being in this one. In this video, they are seen in leafy necklaces as they accompany Matt on his walk towards the altar. The furry best boys stay perfectly seated and smile with starry eyes as they witness Mom & Dad tie the knot!

Source: beckhamandleothenewfs/Instagram


After the ceremony, Beckham and Leo follow the newlyweds for an adventure in a lake followed by a warm and cozy campfire. The canine siblings sure make for a handsome pair of groomsmen. This entire ceremony is just too cute for words! Congratulations to the newlywed pet-parents!

Click the video below to watch Matt and Christina’s dreamy wedding ceremony in the presence of their Newfoundland cuties!

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