Heroic Puppy Dives In Water To Save Drowning Cat, Piggybacks Her To Safety

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It has been a long preconceived notion that dogs and cats don’t get along very well. While they might not “love” or “hate” each other, they do avoid each other a lot of the time. But this little pooch here defies these presumptions with his heroic act.

Twitter/Figen Sezgin


A woman from Turkey stumbled upon a puppy attempting to rescue a cat. She decided to capture this beautiful act of kindness and share it with her followers on Twitter. In the video, we see a cat neck-deep in water and trying to claw her way out.

The pup sees the cat and is moved by her plight. Without any second thoughts, the pup dives into the water and carefully maneuvers himself under the cat. The panicked cat quickly mounts onto his back while he gets her back to safety.

Twitter/Figen Sezgin


But this wasn’t a smooth cakewalk for our little hero. After saving the cat, we see the dog struggling to get out of the water himself. But he overcomes it and people can’t stop applauding the brave savior!

Twitter/Figen Sezgin


This popular video didn’t come without its share of backlash, as some people criticized the woman for filming this incident instead of helping the animals. However, some people also came forward to defend her, arguing that animals get stronger by figuring things out for themselves, without human intervention, as it was a just a shallow pond with water not deep enough to cause any problems.

The woman might also have been afraid that these were stray animals and might scratch or attack her; the mama dog was also keeping an eye in the background, and the woman might have been worried that the mama dog might attack her.

In any case, we’re glad all the animals in the video are safe now. Click the video below to watch this heartwarming rescue!

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