Hero police K9 who was s.tabbed brings Simon Cowell to tears on Britain’s Got Talent

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Police dogs must be the bravest animals on the planet. They have to fight crime to protect people, and they get very little in return. Finn the German Shepherd shows just how amazing (and talented) they are.

Finn’s remarkable story came to light thanks to his appearance on Britain’s Got Talent.

In the episode, the dog’s owner, Dave the police officer, walks on to the stage.

Judge Amanda Holden asks if Dave has brought anyone with him. Dave replies that his friend is here.

Finn then runs out onto the stage to meet his owner.

When the audience sees that it is a dog, they all “awww.” Even before the dog has performed his talent, the crowd loves him!

Dave then talks about how he and the dog became best friends. The police officer reveals that they’ve known each other ever since the dog was a puppy. Finn is now nine years old.

Finn’s owner then reveals that if the dog manages to wow the judges and get four yeses, then there’s a steak waiting for him at home as a reward. But then Dave reveals that he’ll give the dog the steak anyway, as he loves Finn so much.

The judges and the audience are now completely in love with Finn the dog. And they’re excited to see what he’s going to do for the show.

“Now we all think our dogs are magical. But Finn truly is,” says Dave, “and for more than one reason.”

Dave then tells the judge David Walliams (of Little Britain fame) to think of an object and write the object down on a piece of paper.

Without revealing what he’s written on the paper, Walliams joins Dave and Finn on stage.

Then Dave turns away from Walliams and the audience. He instructs Walliams to show Finn the word.

The dog then returns to Dave, and Walliams returns to his chair.

Dave asks the dog what the word was. He lets the dog whisper into his ear.

Dave then stands up and announces to the audience that Walliams’s word is “table.”

Walliams turns his piece of paper around to show “Table.”

The audience is amazed and cheers.

Then Dave reveals the difficulties that he and Finn have been through.

For seven years, Finn has been Dave’s partner in the police force.

One day, a criminal ran up to Dave with a 10-inch knife and attempted to stab him.

But Finn jumped into the criminal’s path and saved Dave’s life. In the process, Finn got stabbed and was in a terrible condition.

He had to be rushed to the vet. No one was sure if Finn would make it or not.

The dog had giant gashes across his chest.

This was all too much for Dave. His heart was broken. He couldn’t bear the possibility of losing his best friend in such a horrible way.

But Finn was able to pull through. Slowly but surely, the dog recovered.

When Simon Cowell hears this, he can’t help but break down a little. He sheds tears.

Dave then asks Simon Cowell to join him and Finn on the stage, for another magic trick.

Simon kneels down to face the dog. He holds out his left hand, and Dave places a notepad filled with one word per page onto his hand.

While looking in Finn’s eyes, Simon Cowell opens a page of the notepad and remembers the word that he finds.

Dave asks Simon Cowell to tell everyone what word he opened. “Heroic,” Simon replies.

Dave reveals that Finn already knew which word Simon Cowell would find. The dog is even wearing the word on his collar.

Simon looks at the dog’s name tag and sees the engraving “heroic.”

Again, the crowd erupts in applause.

“That was pretty incredible. That’s never happened on any show,” Simon Cowell says.

Then all four judges say yes and pass Dave and Finn on to the next round.

All judges have been incredibly moved by Finn’s story.

Will Dave and Finn win the show? They are certainly strong contenders, and the people love them!

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