Helpless Little Dog Was Trapped In Tar-Kept Barking Until Someone Finally Heard Him

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Just a couple of weeks ago in the historic city of Suwalki, Poland, a working crew heard a sound that they couldn’t ignore, the urgent sounds of a barking dog that seemed to never end. The sounds were coming from a thickly wooded area quite a ways away from the workers, yet the sound carried all the way across the distance to them, and the group determined that the dog must be in distress.

Using the dog’s relentless barking as their guide, the workers walked towards the noise until they found the source of all the commotion.

All of the barking was coming from a poor, helpless, little dog. He had somehow gotten stuck in a hot, thick puddle of black tar and clearly needed help right away.

The tar was so sticky that the dog was completely plastered to the ground.

After realizing there was no way that they would be able to safely extract the stuck dog from the tar on their own, they reached out to the Niczyje Animal Foundation, and Joanna Godlewska rushed over to where the workers told her they were located to try and save the poor pup.

The rescuer recalls in an interview with The Dodo how shocking it was to look on the helpless dog:

“When I finally arrived and saw a dog lying in the tar, tears came to my eyes.”

While no one knows for sure how the sweet little dog came to be so badly stuck in the tar, the general consensus was that the poor guy was most likely just trying to soak up some warmth, and had no idea what would happen when he laid down in the puddle of tar that had been illegally disposed of.

The dog could have been there for days or hours. His rescuers had no way of telling but they knew one thing for certain; they had to move fast if they wanted him to live.

The fire department came to aid Godlewska in freeing the dog from the glue-like grip of the tar and instantly noticed that life and hope were creeping back into his lifeless looking eyes once more.
“He understood that we were saving him,” Godlewska believes.

It became apparent almost immediately that they wouldn’t be able to simply lift the dog out of the tar puddle, and so they got to work finding the most matted chunks of fur that had adhered to the ground and began cutting them away.

From there, the group of rescuers applied cooking oil as a lubricant to free up the rest of the dog’s fur from the tar.

Once all his fur was loosened, the group could finally pick the poor thing up out of the sticky trap that would have killed him.

They laid the dog down on a mat to finish cutting away the most tar-laden chunks of fur, then raced the dog to the nearest clinic to where he could recover from his near-fatal exhaustion.

Once there, the clinic staff delicately began to clean the rest of the tar away from his skin and coat, a job that took a lot of elbow grease and a ton of wipes.

After the staff was able to clean most of the tar off the dog, they were able to take a closer look and inspect for any severe injuries that needed tending.

Fortunately, the little dog actually seemed pretty healthy beneath the thick, sticky mess that had been covering him, though, he did have a few scrapes on his face, probably where he’d tried to rub the tar off while trying to free himself.

The little survivor dog has been residing at Niczyje Animal Foundation while he continues to go into the vet to have the remaining tar removed, a special trip he’s already made a few times since his rescue.

Godlewska believes that with his continued treatments, each cleaning session gives him just a little bit more confidence.

“He feels better and better,” she says.

Although what happened to this sweet dog, who has since been named Farcik, was an absolutely horrible and traumatizing event, the little guy has been blessed by it. The rescuers didn’t just save him from a nasty, sticky puddle of death, they also saved him from a life of homelessness and solitude.

Now, little Farcik will never be all alone in this world again.

This little dog may still have a lot of ground to cover as he heals from his trauma but his rescue family has vowed to be there for him every single step of the way.

After he is fully recovered and Godlewska feels the time has come, she plans to find him his perfect forever family to shower him with all the love and care he deserves, and all the warmth he needs without the sticky mess.

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