Heartfelt testament of what dogs would leave to their beloved owners—this is what they wished you knew

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Our pets mean so much to us. They live in our hearts and memories even after they have left this world. But have you thought of what they would say if they were to leave us to cross the rainbow bridge?

Before humans die, they would leave a will and a testament to their loved ones. If dogs could do the same with their paws, this would most likely be their last thoughts for us:

  1. I have very little material belongings but everything that I own, I will give them to you.

2. Your shiny silver necklace with the ends I’ve nibbled on, a messy puppy bed and a chewed up water container.

3. I leave you half of my yellow rubber ball, a broken doll you can find under the fridge, a rubber mouse behind the kitchen door and yummy bones I buried in our front porch for safekeeping.

4. Besides these, I leave you all of our wonderful memories together.

5. I leave you with a picture of two loving brown eyes that look at you and a short pointed tail that wags excitedly the moment you walk through the front door.

6. The stain on your expensive red Persian rug in the living room is a reminder of the time when I claimed the place as my own.

Credit: Unsplash

7. The floor mat you placed in front of your favorite chair was made of wool that itched so I chewed the edges with a vengeance when I was only 5 months old, it drove you mad.

8. I leave you the memory of the sounds we made, running around the park after autumn had shed it’s finest crisp leaves onto the slowly deadening ground.

Credit: Pxhere

9. Not forgetting the memory of the times we used to walk by the river bank and you would treat me to a vanilla cookie from that vendor you made friends with.

10. I leave with you, my inheritance, my devotion, my sympathy, my support for when you’re feeling down, my barks for when you raised your voice and my frustrations when you didn’t give me my favorite treat.

11. I hope your life has been as happy as mine because I was by your side. When I am no longer here, do not deny yourself another companion. You deserve them as much as they deserve you.

Credit: DeviantArt/Craftea

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