They Heard Cries From Above Just As Hawk Released A Tiny Puppy From Its Talons

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This may just be the most miraculous story to date! A tiny puppy, barely six weeks old, survived a harrowing experience indeed!

While a team of construction workers was going about their busy day, they heard tiny but urgent cries. They knew whatever it was that needed help couldn’t wait. The team searched and searched all around them but found nothing. They still heard the crying– then realized it was coming from above them!

Source: Little Paws/YouTube

A hawk was circling the sky with a tiny Chihuahua puppy gripped in its talons. The construction workers were in shock! Just as they figured out what was going on, the hawk released the puppy and the little guy came careening down.

Source: Little Paws/YouTube

The workers raced over to where the puppy landed. They couldn’t believe their eyes. The tiny pup was hurt but not nearly as hurt as they had expected. The workers scooped him up and brought him to the nearest vet. The little pup was examined and it seemed he was going to be okay. He was then transferred to Austin Animal Center (AAC).

Source: Little Paws/YouTube

The tiny pup had some bumps and bruises, and several scratches, but considering what he had been through, he was in amazing shape. The volunteers administered an IV so he could get some fluids and build his strength. After his terrible run-in with a scary hawk, all he wanted was to be loved by the staff. They gladly obliged.

Source: Little Paws/YouTube

The folks at AAC named the puppy, aptly, Tony Hawk.

Little Tony, friendly from the gate, had a beautiful disposition and the shelter staff knew as soon as he recovered from his fall and received proper nutrition, he would make the perfect pet for a deserving family.

This little miracle survivor is a tiny, but mighty, inspiration! Watch Tony’s entire story in the video below!

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